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Contractor Plus

Take home 91% of earnings in a compliant and tax effective manner with the 'Contractor Plus' Payment solution.

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Limited Plus

Receive payments 'Gross & Direct' as a self-employed Contractor (96% earnings retention). 

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How it Works - Contractor Umbrella Company

Contractor Umbrella Company UK

Once you have contacted Omni, the UK's specialist contractor umbrella company, the team will email you the ‘Commencement Schedule’ which you can complete and return to us.

The team from Omni will email you the ‘Commencement Schedule’ which you can complete and return to us.

Upon receipt of your completed ‘Commencement Schedule’ we will make contact with your Agency or Employer and forward all required statutory and company documents.

Once our company details are established on your Agency or Employer’s payroll system, we can then commence the billing and payment process. All your payments will be processed in a compliant manner allowing you to receive up to 90% of your earnings.

What Our Clients Say

"Your service has been very useful in my current role and a tax effective way to receive my contract payments. I will certainly recommend Omni to other contractors – thank you”.
Engineering Contractor, Milton Keys

"The ‘Limited Plus’ set up process was simple and straight forward and the payment process has been flawless and without a hitch. Funds paid into my bank account each week without any hassles”.
IT Professional, London

"I have found the liaison with my agency excellent and professional, I have had no problems receiving my ‘Contractor Plus’ payments from my Agency”.
Accountant, Manchester

“Having Omni look after all payment admin has been a great as well as the benefits of receiving my payments through the ‘Contractor Plus’ solution. I will definitely be using Omni for my next contract“.
Teacher, Surry

“Having a central point of contact at Omni for my payments has been very convenient and allowed me to work on a number of projects in various locations and still have the same consistent level of service using the ‘Limited Plus’ solution with each new assignment.”
Banking and Finance, London.

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