Contractor Plus

Contractor Plus

The ‘Contractor Plus’ solution allows contractors to take home up to 90% of earnings and is ideally suited for Contractors, Freelancers, Professionals and Skilled Trades individuals looking for a compliant solution to maximise their contract earnings.

Make the Move

Interested in using the cost effective and compliant ‘Contractor Plus’ payment service to ‘Maximise Earnings’ in the UK contract market. Contact Omni today and one of our Account Managers will assist you to make the move.

Retaining 91% of Earnings with a Compliant and Tax Effective Payment Service
Company, VAT & Banking Details
Provided to your Agency/Employer
Free BACS Payments
Flexibility & Reduced Paperwork
Professional Indemnity, Employer and Public Liability
Umbrella Company Payments available
Range of allowable structured deductions
Our service is accepted by major UK Contractor Agencies
Payments made Weekly, even if you are paid Monthly
Improve your cash flow
Dedicated Account Manager
to talk you through the process
Free References for Loans, Rentals and other requirements
Referral Scheme
£200 per new referral

Take Home Earnings

Contractors Weekly Earnings £500 per week £750 per week £1,000 per week £1,500 per week
Umbrella ‘PAYG’ £325 per week £510 per week £610 per week £915 per week
‘Contractor Plus’ Retain 90% of Earnings £450 per week £675 per week £900 per week £1,350 per week
Start Maximising Your Earnings
Qualify For A £200 Sign-up Bonus