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No. We provide the services to contractors and self-employed professionals. You sub-contract your services through the limited company as a self-employed individual in your own right. You are therefore not working through a MSP.

We are able to provide all of the necessary insurances including; Professional Indemnity, Employer and Public Liability insurance.

We understand the contract market and offer the services of self-employed consultants all over the world. However, we do not assist in finding you work or in sourcing your contract assignments.

Simply fill out the ‘Commencement Schedule’ or contact us direct. Once you have completed the application process and returned your Commencement Schedule to us, we will contact your Agency or Client and ensure that all invoicing, payment and administrative arrangements are taken care of all within 24 hours.

You can submit your timesheets by email or phone to our various contact points.

Request our 1 page ‘Commencement Schedule’ by phone or email and then return it with your details. We can have you setup and ready to invoice in 24 hour once we receive your ‘Commencement Schedule’.

If you are paid through a limited company (i.e. through Consulting) your Agency or Client will usually pass on the National Insurance uplift (13.8%) directly to you, the sub-contractor. NI uplift can be a negotiating point you can use when discussing salary and/or a move to a limited company structure.

Yes. All transactions are totally confidential with full data protection, no details will be provided outside of our company.

No minimum contract, no signup fee and no exit fee.

As a contract payment and invoicing service, Omni Contractor Pay will provide your Agency/Payroll with full company due diligence documentation before payment proceeds.

Once we receive payment in our company bank account from your Agency or Client on the invoice raised for your work, we will transfer funds into your bank account on that same working day. We will provide you with an electronic Payment Advice that outlines details of your payment.

We offer a personal, professional and confidential service with a dedicated Account Manager. Additionally, professional self-employed contractors like the convenience and flexibility of Omni Contractor Pay, as well as the autonomy to make decisions in relation to their own taxation and financial affairs to meet their current circumstances.

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