International Contractors

International Contractors

Omni Contractor Pay offers International Contractors a tailored solution to ensure you receive your International Payments in a compliant ‘self employed’ capacity in a range of international jurisdictions including; UK, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines and China.)

Being an International Contractor

In some cases the only consistent to being an International Contractor is your Payment Provider. That being the case, talk to us and we will talk you through the international and offshore arrangements to maximise your earnings as an International contractor.

Omni is able to be your consistent payment provider in your Professional offshore career and will ensure your payments are made on time and accurately to you in your new assignment in any part of the Globe . Omni is your international Contractor Payment partner providing a global compliant payment service to Increase your Take Home pay and Maximise your Earnings.

Management fee of only 4.95% per invoice
no other deductions
Payments received in Major Currencies
International Contractor ‘Self Employed’ payments
Gross and Direct
International Payments made to any country (globally) in a jurisdiction complaint manner
Payment jurisdictions include the UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America
Compliant Offshore/Tax Effective structure suited to International jurisdictions
Company, VAT & Banking Details
provided to your Agency/Employer
Free BACS Payments for the UK
Flexibility & Reduced Paperwork
Professional Indemnity, Employer and Public Liability
Full incorporation details
Coy Name, Cert of Incorporation, VAT & Registered Office
Our service is accepted by major UK and International Employment Agencies
Dedicated Account Manager
to talk you through the process
Free References for Loans, Rentals and other requirements
Referral Scheme
£200 per new referral
Weekly Earnings £500 per week £750 per week £1,000 per week £1,500 per week
Umbrella ‘PAYG’ £325 per week £510 per week £610 per week £915 per week
‘International Contractors’ Self Employed 4.95% £460.05 per week £710.05 per week £960.05 per week £1,440.75 per week
Savings £135.05 per week £200.00 per week £ 350.00 per week £525.75 per week
How to get Started
Call or Email our team between 7:00am and 10:00pm (Mon to Sat) to get set up. You will receive a dedicated account manager and have the company and banking details within 4 hours.
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Call Us
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+44 (0) 208 9383 654
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