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Are you looking for the best umbrella companies in the UK? Our experience in the UK industry allows us to provide you with expert advice and guidance in relation to selecting the best umbrella companies.

How to choose an umbrella company?

When speaking with a potential umbrella company, we suggest that you ask the following questions –

  • Do they provide a 90% return on earnings?
  • Do they provide same day payments?
  • Do they provide free insurance cover?
  • Is it free to join and free to leave?

Omni Contractor Pay

If they do not answer ‘yes’ to each of the questions above, please ensure you speak with Omni before making a decision. We are the UK’s trusted source for umbrella contract payment solutions, offering the following tailored packages –


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Call or Email our team between 7:00am and 10:00pm (Mon to Sat) to get set up. You will receive a dedicated account manager and have the company and banking details within 4 hours.
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